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I opened more than one account and now I can’t access any of them, what can I do?

It is very likely that we have closed your accounts. InstaBET only allows one account per client, so any additional accounts you may have will be closed, leaving only the one you designate as your only active account.

In case you cannot access any of your accounts, you must request one of them to be enabled.

It may be necessary to complete a verification process and send us the following by email to help@instabet.mx:

  • Photograph of your valid official identification on both sides (INE/IFE or Passport), which is legible in its entirety, without glare or shadows that prevent the visibility of the data. In the case of the passport, both sides of the book where the information of the document is located must appear.
  • Photograph of a proof of address valid for NO older than 3 months.
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