Available Payout Methods

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We have two methods of withdrawal available to you:

Todito Cash

You provide your Todito account and we send you your earnings.

Waiting time: Immediate

Associated surcharges: No surcharges

Speed/Volume Limits :

Minimum: $100

Maximum: $29.000

IMPORTANT: There is no limit on the frequency of withdrawals. You cannot deposit while a withdrawal is in progress.

2. Todito Cash (via SPEI*)

*Definition: Interbank Electronic Payments System (SPEI)

Through a bank transfer, you only need to enter your basic information to proceed with the deposit of the funds to your account.

Waiting time: 48 hrs but some banks may take longer

Associated surcharges: No surcharges

Minimum: Min $200 Not max defined yet

Maximum: $29.000

Important: You cannot deposit while a withdrawal is in progress.


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