Wagering: What are straight bets?

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These are the simplest bets. You just have to choose the forecast or odds you want to bet on, for example, betting on the winner of the match, on a specific score or even on whether there are more or less goals in a match. Then enter the amount you wish to bet and confirm the bet. If you guess the result you will win the bet.

America vs. Chivas, America’s win odds are 1.83.

If you bet on America $10, and America wins, you will win $18.3.

Outright bets on the winner of the game:

These are types of bets in favor of a team winning by any score.

For example:

Brazil 1.83
Mexico 2.50
Tie 4.20

In this case, if you bet $1000 in favor of Mexico, you will win $2500. This converts into a net profit for you of $1500.

1X2 Straight Bets:

All 1X2 bets have three outcomes: home team wins, draw or away team wins. When the game ends in a tie, all home or away team bets will be considered losses. And the same in all other cases.

1 = Home team; X = Draw; 2 = Away team.

All games must complete 90 min. of regulation time for the bet to stand, and suspended games will be considered invalid and bets refunded after 48 hours from the match.

Straight-to-Total bets:

Straight-to-Totals bets are mostly known as “Over/Under” bets and are a type of betting that allows you to bet on the amount (partial or final) of goals, points, corner kicks, bounces, penalty minutes, etc.

If the total amount of occurrences is exactly equal to the betting line, then all bets will be declared void.

For example:

America vs Cruz Azul over/under is 2.5 goals.
If you bet on “under” 2.5 goals, you will need the total goals in the match to be 2 goals or less to win your bet.
However, if you bet on “over” 2.5 goals, you will need the game to have 3 or more goals to win the bet.
Head-to-Head Straight Bets:

Head-to-head bets, or 1 2 bets, are those bets with only two possible outcomes. This betting line is usual in all cases where there is no possibility of a draw. This type of betting is also very common in special bets.

For example:

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, who will win the fight?

Straight bets with goal difference (Asian Handicap):

Asian handicap bets are among the most popular and used by gamblers, especially in soccer. In Asian handicap betting it is possible to bet on whether the chosen outcome will be the winner once the indicated handicap has been added/subtracted, as appropriate, to the final result of the bet in question.

For example:

Real Madrid -1½ (1.81)
FC Barcelona + 1½ (1.91)

In this case, if we bet in favor of Real Madrid, the white team must win the match by a margin of 2 goals for you to win the bet.

The Asian handicap is very similar to the classic handicap but it has some peculiarities:

You cannot bet on the draw of a match There are handicaps of ¼, ½ or ¾ When calculating the winnings the following particularities are taken into account:

If the result of the match with the handicap is a draw, the amount of the bet is returned. If the result of the match with the handicap is a win by a quarter of a goal, the win or loss is divided by 2.

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