Boxing/MMA/UFC Betting Rules

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  1. If either fighter is replaced, all wagers will be graded “No Action”.
  2. Once the bell sounds for the first round, the bout is considered official for betting purposes.
  3. To win the fight wagers will be settled as No Action in the result of a draw unless the draw option was offered.
  4. Results will be graded according to the official result at ringside. Results are not official for betting purposes until verified by an official at the fighting venue.
  5. Official or unofficial sanctioning body overturns of a fight decision based on appeal, suspension, lawsuit, drug testing or any other fighter sanction will not be recognized for betting purposes.
  6. If either fighter fails to answer the bell for the next round then his opponent will be deemed to have won in the previous round.
  7. In the case where a fight is declared a No Contest all bets will be “No Action” and risk will be returned unless the outcome of the wager has already been determined.
  8. All bets will have action regardless of changes to the number of rounds fought unless the scheduled number of rounds fought is lower than the posted total. In this case, wagers on the total would be graded “No Action”.
  9. Round Betting: All wagers placed prior to the number of rounds changing will be settled as “No Action”.
  10. For Boxing, a half round is determined as being 1 minute and 30 seconds of the respective round.
  11. For MMA, a half round is determined as being 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the respective round.
  12. For proposition wagers on the exact outcome of the fight where KO is an option; KO, TKO and disqualification are regarded as a Knock Out.
  13. Bouts that end according to a technical decision will be graded as decision unless a technical decision was available as a wagering option.
  14. To go the distance wagers will be official once the designated number of rounds is fully completed.

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