Super Bowl LVI: How to calculate the Rollover Requirement

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To release a bonus, add your deposit amount to the bonus amount and multiply the result by the Rollover Requirement.

The result of this operation is the minimum amount you must bet in order to withdraw your winnings.


If your bonus includes a Rollover Requirement of 10 times (10x), do the following calculation:

  • $100 Deposit + $100 Bonus = $200.
  • $200.00 x 10 (Rollover Requirement) = $2.000
  • That means you must wager $2.000 before requesting a withdrawal.
Please note that in order to cash out your NFL winnings you must meet the Rollover Requirement of the bonus you received.

Wagering is cumulative, so the more you play, the faster you’ll complete the Rollover Requirement and the faster your winnings will be available to you!

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