How to make a deposit through SPEI

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After creating or logging in to your InstaBET account:

  1. Click on ‘Cashier‘.
  2. Go to the SPEI option.
  3. Enter the desired amount to deposit
  4. Click on the “Deposit” button.
  5. The payment instructions that you must follow to complete your SPEI deposit will be generated.
  6. Simply copy the address of the Clabe account by clicking on the corresponding “copy” icon and enter the amount to deposit.

Remember that the amount to deposit must match the amount you initially entered in the ATM.

Minimum Amount: $100
Maximum Amount: $30,000

Wait Time: SPEI works 24/7. The deposit is made almost immediately but it may take up to an hour to settle. InstaBET does not charge any fees for your deposits. In the event that you do not receive the funds into your account, please send the proof of payment to

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